Hammer pile driver safe operation

04. Jan, 2023 18:22:33 By Jerry

1. The installation and disassembly of pile driver shall be carried out according to the procedure specified in the operation instruction.

2. Track laying of rail-type pile frame shall comply with the provisions of the operation manual.

3. The column guide rail of pile driver should be lubricated according to regulations.

Iv. Before operation, the pile driver should first run each mechanism without load to confirm normal operation.

5. The pile driver does not allow side lifting piles and long-distance pulling piles. When lifting piles in front of the pile, the horizontal distance of precast concrete piles should not be greater than 4m, and the horizontal distance of steel piles should not be greater than 7m, and the pile and column collision should be prevented.

6. When the pile driver is lifting the hammer, the minimum distance between the highest point of the hammer and the top of the column should be safe.

7. Rail pile driver should clamp rail clamp when lifting pile.

8. When two-way column is used, it can be lifted only after the column is turned in place and the column and base bar are locked with the locking pin.


9. When driving the inclined pile, the pile hammer should be lifted to the predetermined position, the pile should be lifted, the pile cap should be put in, the tip of the pile should be inserted into the pile position and then the column should be tilted back. When the three point piles of the track are pushed back, the back support rod should be used to tighten the pile. The rail type piles should increase the support behind the platform and clamp the rail clamp. The pile driver shall not turn and walk when the column is tilted back.

10. When the pile driver walks with the hammer, the pile hammer should be placed to the lowest position.

11. When walking on the slope, the center of gravity of the pile driver should be placed on the top of the slope, and the slope should conform to the provisions of the instruction manual. When the self-propelled pile driver is walking, attention should be paid to the flatness and firmness of the ground, and there should be a special person to command, and the driving wheel of the crawler pile driver should be placed at the tail position; When a pipe-driven pile driver moves horizontally, the distance from the pipe roller terminal should not be less than 1m. The pile driver shall not turn on the slope.

12. When the pile frame is rotating, the braking should be slow, and the continuous rotation of the rail type and walking pile frame in the same direction should not be more than one week.

13. After operation, the pile hammer should be placed on the pile head that has been driven into the ground or the ground cushion plate, the joystick should be placed in the stop position, the landing gear should be raised to a position 1m higher than the pile hammer, the safety limit device should be locked, and all braking should be effective.

Fourteen, rail type pile frame does not work when the clamp rail.