During a special period to look for new opportunities, the online broadcast begins

12. Aug, 2020 16:27:11 By Jerry

Since this year, influenced by factors such as environment, overall foreign trade import and export value is compared with the same period last year the overall decline in the CPC Central Committee and local party committee under the government’s efforts, the national game as a whole to promote the epidemic prevention and control and promote the steady growth of foreign trade work, steady dividend sustained release foreign trade policy measures, foreign trade base remained stable, foreign trade structure optimization, the foreign trade situation warming trend is obvious.

Now, China has the world’s largest varieties up to form a complete set of the most comprehensive manufacturing system, is the factory of the world industry under the condition of obvious advantages in the global outbreak, China accelerated way for digital foreign trade development, at present, the Ministry of Commerce has decided to speed up the digital foreign trade service platform construction, a large number of foreign trade enterprises to accelerate the development pace of online, some foreign trade enterprise boss next live personally take goods, the government led by the foreign trade enterprises and cross-border electric business platform signed a strategic cooperation agreement in this case, a part of China’s foreign trade enterprise orders can be increased on the whole, in today’s situation, the enterprise if you can grasp.If we focus on the digital outlets and carry out the transformation and upgrading of enterprise ideas and the comprehensive updating and iteration of trade, we will be in an invincible position for a long time