Curb Slipform Machine Kerb Stone Slipformer Making Machine

The sliding construction has characteristics such as high construction speed, high degree of mechanization, continuity and
beautiful and straight linear, compared with the manual mode and the traditional process of precast after installation, using
NC600 kerbstone slip form paver has more advantages in reduction of labor intensity and material loss, quality control and
improve the efficiency of construction, after construction the overall stability is much stronger.
With the amplification of market demand, the good and bad slip form paver mixed together, the low-end products caused
irreparable damage to the industry, even resulting in partial regional market government issued a document banning the use of
sliding mode process. In order to promote the healthy development of the industry, improve the influence of sliding form
construction, EVERSTAR optimizes the product and specially enters into the small sliding form paver market, for kerb stone,
low wall, sink, shoulder and other small structures construction, we make the ordinary labor team with a 50 loader capital
into the sliding form construction industry. We can improve the construction precision and efficiency of mini slipform paver,
make the labor team accumulation wealth fast and the machine is known as the “money grab”.