Climbing King Pile Driver For Highway Guardrail Construction

The use of cummins and faw tin diesel twin engines, reasonable power, superior performance, for the construction operation to provide a strong power resources, power reliability, fuel economy, has been greatly improved.
☆ hydraulic system
Advanced hydraulic system, high quality hydraulic components ensure the efficiency and durability of the hydraulic system.
☆ styling design:
The overall frame structure is fine, the material is completely national standard.
High intensity, good stability, in line with the industrial aesthetic design ideas, operators more spacious working space.
☆ production technology:
Production process is more reasonable, wear – resistant parts are adopted heat treatment process.
Strict welding process, reduce deformation.
The testing equipment is perfect, and the product has 100% flaw detection.
☆ basic functions:
Complete basic functions.
Lift guide rail hydraulic folding, convenient and fast, transportation space saving.
Start automatic control.
Maintenance-free battery, battery power saving switch machine lights equipped with more humane.

Climbing King Pile Driver For Highway Guardrail Construction